Though, I never cease to be totally blown away at all there is to do and learn about computers, programming, the web, and web applications, I, also, am utterly amazed at where all I have been and what all I have done on the web. I find “tracks” which I made and have almost forgotten! For example, this is a WordPress site I started around 6 or more years ago, and it was not the first, but the first WordPress site of my Wordpress creations that I liked: (I apologize for not knowing how to make a clickable link on this type of blog yet; I have just not had time (or have been off in other directions) to experiment and read up more on this type of blog.

Again! Wow! There is just so much to do with the web. Which direction do I go?! It is hard to keep myself coralled and heading in one direction, ie I bounce around a lot (in what I have done in the past and what I see and am doing now and ahead). Geezsh!