OK! Yesterday, I just knocked out my Ubuntu node.js server, after I had it set up so nicely, and got off on other activities for a few days. After trying to figure out the situation, I am locked out of my virtual machine (can’t login), after trying to establish new SSH keys and finding the public and private keys are now not matching up according to my local machine. I wanted to “fix” things just for the experience, but sometimes it is better to start over in setting up my server on DO, and that is good for my experience, too. When I had a dedicated IP in the past, the Ubuntu Apache server was already set up for me. For some reason, I really like the challenge of the back-end. I better focus on that alone for what I can for the next several days, so I get it down with more understanding this time. On the other hand bouncing or leaving a topic for a bit and coming back to do some realearning is good for reinforcement, too (so it is less foggy in my mind..LOL). The learning may be slow, but it is falling together as I keep plugging away at it in some fashing!