Seriously! I feel so slow about getting a showcase posted on-line. I have already utilized the web in SO MANY ways for several websites, and many are still very viable, including being secure link, which is THE THING of THE UTMOST importance in having a website and/or server space (that and having things backed up one way or the other, which I am generally very good at..)

I am making forward progress, despite a set-back here and there. It is all about the learning, and if I have to redo things once-in-awhile, it just means things just get drilled into my head better. Huh! And, yes I need make advancements (and will!) in functionality of this blog, but for now I am happy with it, and it’s simplicity.

I accidently deleted my user AND root privileges on my new Apache/Ubuntu server. It was late at night while doing something I found suggested online. I so wanted to fix things right then, but I decided my priority was spending time with my husband, no regrets. So, the next day I tried to re-establish my privileges, but I was unsuccessful and had no back-up of the server (due to no desire to spend the extra money for that at the moment). Rather than re-installing Ubuntu, I decided to work on a front-end website and probably then my own, as well. click here

I have record of my processs of installing Ubuntu, so I will get back to it when I feel ready to move further ahead with my backend. And, this will be the third time of setting up the Ubuntu server online, but “third time is a charm!” This command line interface is touchy stuff, but I like getting it figured out. As I said previously, I did have my own dedicated server in the past, but Apache was already installed for me, and I utilized the site less and less over time due to inability to afford security (and the negative aspects of securing your own site, ie pop-ups that say your ssl is not from a trusted authority when people go to your site) and the availability of free secure web-pages, ie plenty of such online tools (so no need and to waste my time….)

Anyway, I thank all for their patience with me in my web works! (I just wish I felt I had time to really give an in-depth, detailed story of my long journey with my past web work over the years on top of current, but I WILL get to divulging more!).