I lobbed an entry in for a supposedly free Cisco-CCNA certification class, and I now have information for downloading the materials. I will be checking into that, and maybe I will be diverting onto that for a bit. My MacBook AIr is taking its time updating, and that is the computer I need to work on that project. I will work on my new Web Developer site, which I usually do on my awesome Chrome Notebook, and then check out these CCNA class materials.

I always get back to my other tracks for the most part, not easy but I am proven capable of picking back up where I left off with a little reviewing if needed. I always view this as not a bad thing, a bit of a pain MAYBE, but it can be done! I have always mostly figured out how to do mostly just what I needed to do to meet my needs with the web “stuff.” So, thes modes have brought me a little knowledge in a lot of areas of the computer & online world, forward movement in many avenues of the web…..

Thank you for staying tuned.