I am still here and working on subnetting in my CCNA studies. I just solved my first subnetting problem! It rather twists the brain a bit, but I love the challenge and will finish this before going back to programming. Somewhat of an Ugh! However, I know it will be overall good for all my computer studies, and will move as fast as I can to get done.

This is not easy, but it is not hard, if that makes sense. I got stalled a bit with installing some simulation applications which, are primarily designed for Windows therefore requiring lots of tweaking to run on my Mac. One application I know works because I have already completed a lab exercise with it. I believe the other will, too, but I had to remove an Ubuntu server with lot of programming exercises taking up a lot of space. his yet-unused simulation installation process seemed to indicate I had inadequate resources to run it. I reinstalled a minimal newer version of Ubuntu again. since the other proven application neededit, but since this proven Cisco application was designed to be run on an earlier version of Ubuntu, I had to find what was missingin the new Ubuntu server to run it.

Anyway, lots of googling research and trial and error and persistence has not yet failed me! Forward I go! And, I will pop back here from time to time.