Today I am deepening my understanding of Git and Github. Using this information for managing and merging Git Repositories between Github and a local machine, I am it successfully so far on my Cloud9 Virtual machine in instead of my local computer.

I learned about making pull requests, which is not the same as the “pull” command, and I learned the importance of and techniques for web development projects posted to Github. On top of that, I learned about branching to provide a playground to work on a project so as to preserve the official/polished copy and for collaboration/contributing to projects.

This was much needed information as I do plan to build and post web appliations on Github! I find it exciting to see how these things work and add these skills to my toolset!

And, yes, I am still working on CCNA material too…. I am hoping to spend time each day on both the upper (more the programmers’ arena and lower (the network engineering specialists arena) layers of the OSI model.

Smiling! Yep! (despite dealing with a nasty skin issue for the last 2 months… but I am conquering that, as well!)

Stay tuned!