I am full of love and excitement with IT work! I have been able to get tests to run on a couple of github projects pulled to C9. According to the rspec test feedback I had to have ‘simplecov’ on one project (one I did long ago), so I installed that gem and placed the “require ‘simplecov’ in the spec helper file. This made all the tests run on my code and all my code passed!

On the next project, new to me as a project but not new learning, I did the same thing, but that was wrong, so had to remove it. I then just installed all the required gems listed in the spec helper file. I also had to install rspec and bundler according to feedback in the terminal when I tried to run ‘rspec test’. This was very simple git html project was updating/fixing a web page. The styling was done in a separate css file, so the html fixes were easy. I made git changes in the C9 terminal and then pushed them to origin master on github.

I am getting much more the hang of git and Github, especially from local (or C9) connected to the remote repository on Github! Way Cool! I am also getting better at interpreting and being less intimidated with the testing feedback in the terminal. Today’s web fixing project result is here. This is another similar project I am working on.

Yes, I am still reviewing my CCNA Routing and Switching. It is challenging too, but I kind of enjoy the upper layers of the OSI stack, Application and Presentation, just a little more (maybe a lot! LOL!). And, I have been hammering away at Nursing CEUs, too, to make sure I have those out of the way, so I can do this more fun stuff!