Still trying to make us of my online C9 IDE, and I found one thing I was looking for yesterday… For sublime text use, go to “preferences,” “key bindings,” and you then adjust the dropdown selections for “Keyboard Mode” and “Operating System” near the top.

I do need to expand my skills in this Jekyll bloogging, amongst many other things. I am trying to think of something I learned/relearned in Cisco Routing and Switching, but my mind is blank, just reviewing. I did sign up for a drawing for a free Cisco sponsored Routing & Switching class. It would be awesome to win something like to solidify that learning even more in preparation for that certification. I am sure there are many applicants for that drawing, though.

Onward with more learning… I, for some reason, am working on an Upskill course I signed up for quite some time ago but never got around to starting, which is only because I am always swimming in plenty of other online learning. There is just so much out there to learn, and it is so readily available on the internet, often at low or now cost. It is just a matter of finding and putting in the time with consistency!