My git/github skills are still a bit lacking in terms of pushing my local repository to my Github repository. Hmmm! But then again, I was using my C9 account as if it was my local repository. I had to manually transfer, file-by-file, all my files to a Github repository. Whatever the case I will have to figure out why I could not merge branches and push to Github. And, I will get it figured out even as always.

I will add finishing touches to the beginnings of this web development website and continue updating it. Though I have had website presence for over 25 years now, I never kept track of my many contiually changing rudimentary website-designs and my use of many tools and sites to serve my web needs. Though I had a bit of a knack for web development, I had little time to devote to it, so I grappled to mostly stay afloat as I adjusted with the rapidly evolving web.

Though I did try out web-building software, I never was satisfied with, always going into the html to make my adjustments, like drop-down menus which I googled for the javascript “know-how” to construct. I personally could totally comprehend the advantages of having CSS in it’s own section or in a totally different file, so updating a website over long periods of time could be so much less of a chore! And, I saw this evolution taking place, as I learned early on about looking at html page sources.

I could go on and on with all I learned because of my need to just dive in, figure out and make use of the web, throwing secure usable sites together for business, advertising, teaching and information collection, etc. Oh gosh! Thank God, I had the inclination to always have “back-up” for all my work, too!

Anyway, I have so much more digging and learning to do! I just keep plugging away at it when I can and so much more at leisure now than the imperative mode of the past.