I never cease to be amazed how “googling” has been my life-saver in so many ways. Anything I have needed to accomplish has been available at my googling finger-tips, and that is truly ANYTHING! If you can think of a question, someone else has probably asked it, and you can probably google it and find associated helpful information.

It is tempting to just dump organized study by area of knowledge for just googling for information to complete some constructive project. Essentially, that is what I have done on many things. I had need for additional knowledge and intervention immediately to keep my head above water and/or make progress, and I was always able to meet those needs and then some.

I do know at some point, and I guess I am still doing that, but I will dive into some big project idea even though I do not feel I know it all to do the project. I have been doing that successfully and sufficiently most of my life, but I have never felt like an expert, ie always known that I probably could have done it better, more professionally.

I guess I am in that somewhat “chicken” mode, and it usually takes the extra drive or push, ie need, to actually take the dive. But, it is those “dives” that really add to the experience!

I will get there! Forward I go!

Addendum: Yes, I just had to dump some learning activities for “real” projects. I am already too familiar with the material, so they are boring. If I do something more purposeful, then I am more compelled to finish, even if that means googling for the gaps in my knowledge to get the job done!