I am so thankful for internet information beyond all the free or low-cost IT education!

After I we got back from seeing my oldest daughter over the Thanksgiving break, I had my long awaited dermatologist vist for likely NON-melanoma skin cancer. I was happy with no skin cancer detection with the skin cancer light (supposedly very accurate/preventing unnecessary biopsies according to my internet research). Oh, she immediately jumped to marking spots to cut when she came in rather than using her light, but I informed her I was not changing treatment due my healing of the deep, large lesion (likely cancerous BCC) on my nose. The minor spots I started treating the past 2-3 weeks were fairly superficial mostly had scar tissue from my body trying to rid them. Maybe I should have kept them covered, since what I wanted was for her to check the rest of me, which point I did eventually able to get across to her.

Luckily my husband was there for me because this young gal was telling me how the U.S. is trying rid the inventer and his dangerous treatment as well as others. I know this is due to programming in medical school, as evidenced by so-called medical research I found on the internet lumping this treatment with some others, stating in-conclusion that doctors in-training must be taught to inform their patients as such. I said, “bull-shit,” a very rare utterance, but some things are what they are need to be made known. She then said it is not FDA-approved and not the “gold standard” in treatment. I said FDA approval involves a great deal of politics, and I should have said money. I said this IS America (which was not meant as a compliment to American medicine, which I hope she gathered), and I gave the approval of Nutra-Sweet and non-approval of Echinacea and Goldenseal as classic examples (and there are many others).

I cannot vouch for the other treatments with which my treatment was lumped in research (but yet not individually researched) since my experience of those is not personal, but likely there is some element of untruth there, too, based on research information from very credible people in my life. Not only was my treatment and others not individually researched, but there was no research showing any attempts to actually learn exactly what they were, how to use them, and then oversee any controlled proper use, etc. ANY treatment can and likely will fail, not matter how good, if it is not used as intended, correctly, and knowledgeably.

It took some time for me to actually seek out and research my current treatment. This skin cancer treatment issue all started July 15, I started using my current treatment September 2 after slow (or little, if any) progress with other treatments thus far. Other than this treatment being expensive for someone with no insurance and minimal income, it has decades of research, pharmacologic information, recommended supervision by a physician, and 5 star feedback from so many purchasing users worldwide on numerous websites. I informed her of all this, and she did say she would take literature. I brought nothing with me, somewhat because I figured I would have this negative response, and I did not even want to give the name of the product because I did not want negative backlash against the product and its availability. I figure she has the information easily at her fingertips, just as I did, if she is truly interested.

When I got home and saw the areas she circled for biopsy samples with her hard-to-remove blue-black ink, I was thankful I opted out, because I am positive there was nothing there (between the viewing with her skin cancer detection light and my experience in treat- ment thus far giving the sense that I had already successfully treated all the lesions). I am so glad I had no insurance at the time this all started and through my husband’s emotional support and my nursing/farming background and my tendency to research and use of alternatives got me through this speed bump before my doctor visit and that I was able to have the doctor inspect my skin for the more dangerous melanomas.

As an added note, my husband is is not done with the healing process of one of these BCC skin cancers on his hand (since July, biopsied mid-August, removed Sept 17), and it is still not quite healed, for which situation he had the dermatologist check mid-November with her saying it was healing fine, with just naked eye inspection, ie no skin cancer detection light, etc.

For the great benefit to society, I just hope internet information and such alternative resources remain available. Censorship and control of information and access to products by government, media, or any other entity must be limited. With some of what I have seen in my lifetime in agencies like the FDA in America (amongst many), I fear for our basic rights to such things.

Now, back to IT work and studies!!!!