The new year is here and I enjoyed the holiday season with family. I am back to working on the web and networking.

Since I do get an occasional candidate for MT CNA certification exam challenge, I keep the CNA site and update it once a year or so. I think about making a fancier site, all my own on my own dedicated server again, but for now I will keep it mostly as-is for another year. The online applications and resources I have been for more than 10 years have been great! I am not sure that gearing more to serve a larger audience is the way to go yet. Though there is little assistance with the Headmaster CNA exam and the MT exam is likely the most difficult,I know there is a currently a glut of general online assistance for CNA education.

For me, that is great as developer, instructor and student! There are so many resources for doing any kind of project, especially smaller projects! Let me know if you need a small-scale project done. I am real good at doing those, and I will try to work them into my schedule!

Back to work!