It truly is an a feeling of deep satisfaction to figure out why one’s coding is not working correctly, esp. when it is not due to something silly, like a typo. To google and find the answer, and then, even more, to understand the reasoning behind something not working. When one is feeling stumped to the point of almost giving up, but just being unable and unwilling to do so, and then finding and figuring it out! Yes! Woo! Hoo! It is almost, if not, truly addictive. To, also, fix one’s mistakes in the context of using new tools and applications is great, too, as it just aids in understanding those tools.

I love that my mistakes are fixable. However, I surely want to find and fix what needs to be fixed before someone else gets ahold of my work. The thought that coding not done right being able to mess up lives is scary, but I do not see how that thought is at all unrealistic or unreasonable.

I will just keep forging ahead to learn more and improve my skills in this massive ocean of ever-advancing knowledge and challenge!

By the way…. My first Ruby-on-Rails Application

Github Repository

I am working on my second Ruby-on-Rails Application via my husband’s Github account, which I will deploy within the month. I have, also, studied Python basics, and I do feel I need to learn that similar language for Cisco devices. However, I do not see myself managing large amounts of data. I want to learn more about integrating Google sheets data with my web applications, since I have long used and found them to be very handy, not to mention low- or no-cost.

So much to learn…. The forward march!