Yep! Though it has been a struggle to find time, more so in the past, and then to also make it a priority, I am still forging ahead. Oh, gosh! And, I hate sitting, so that is another battle, as always! Ah! I am, also, one that truly believe the internet will be the downfall of society. History does repeat itself! In the meantime, I will have fun and make use of what I can learn and do in this arena!

The beginnings of a Ruby on Rails site for my husband, Don Easy. I just looked at it on a different computer, and I am not wild about the colors on this particular monitor, but anyway…. As stated, this is just a start, ie some pages have no design yet.

Github Repository

I want to finish a class, which I started and almost finished a long time ago, that used Cloud 9, which is going away……….. Maybe I can finish the advanced version of the full-stack development class, too, by the end of June. It is hard to go back into things you already have learned a lot from, but yet I often glean a lot more still, so here I go!