My venture back to Colt Steele’s Back Full-Stack Web Development course IS satisfying! I am solving problems in a more advanced fashion than initially and than Colt is displaying in his solutions. I am happy with honed googling for more elegant and precise methods than instructor-listed solutions of accomplishing the goals coding of a project. Another example is when I am working ahead a bit and finding errors or omissions in the instructor’s code and then googling to find the error message and finding how to fix it before the instructor gets to it!

Ha! Ha! It is too funny that it seems I keep saying that I love whatever programming language I am using. Maybe it is that I just happen to accidently study the ones I like. Then again, maybe it is that the ones I have worked with all have resemblance to ‘C’, that familiarity of the tiny bit of ‘C’ that in high school in the early ‘80’s. I liked and used javascript on the front-end when it really was not cool! I needed it and found it, and used it back then… How fast things have changed!

I am very happy that browser language, Javascript and JQuery, has come so far! Back to it! So much to learn! Sometimes, I feel so far behin, but yet, I know I will never “catch-up!” It is the nature of this kind of work. There is always more to learn, more answers to find! Google, google, google!