Yes, it takes that, especially at my age! I kind of followed a couple of gals working through the Flatiron Coding School’s Online. An interesting observation is that the older gal close to my age has finished, the younger one has not. The older was slow and steady-paced over a couple year time frame. The younger gal progressed quickly in the beginning and slowed by a year, has done little since, and she has not finished.

I love it! I am like that older gal, both in age and style. Yes, still working on this stuff. I have built apps with Ruby on Rails, REACT and Node JS along with Express and many other package dependencies, including Mongo DB. Too me there are so many similarities in these languages and frameworks. I will continue working with coding along with Cisco Networking, where I have worked with Python as well.

It seems hard to make time for working and studying this stuff, but that is partly because there is so MUCH to learn, and I know I will never learn it all. I just have to know how to find the info I need when I work on projects, why I’m so thankful for Google.

We had to evacuate our home due to the SoCal Tick fire this morning. I have all 3 of my computers with me, of course. I think we will return to our house just fine. It would be hard to lose my 5 remaining spinning wheels and more such fun toys, but they are harder to take with me. Besides, the computer tech stuff has been my primary learning/fun activity for the last couple of years!