With high fire danger and power outages in my region for the next couple of days, I am preparing to code locally using Visual Studio. I have mostly coded in the cloud so this will be good for me. I am anxious to put my new app-in-progress (which likely always will be such) for CNA classes into use. . Hopefully, I will be able to redo my video lectures within the next few months, as I expect I will be able to quit wearing tape on my nose within a couple of months at most. In the meantime, I will just keep working on what I can.

I am constantly hitting moments of excitement both with programming and networking. It certainly has been a lot of work, and even harder to make progress since I have been dealing with 2-4 times daily skin cancer treatments most of the past 16 months! Grrrrrrh!

I better make sure I know what I am doing with this Visual Studio before the high winds and outages come!