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A faint trail of computer-related interest is much more perceptible with the great explosion of the world wide web and its associaated computer and internet technologies.

  • Fall 1982

    Programming in the Dark Ages (1982)

    A little "if else" looping in C on old IBM computers left an impression of intrigue on me lasting to this day. Though a computer programming was a career consideration, there did not seem to be much future in it right at the time. I remember some saying "experts" saying there would only be need for a few programmers to make software for the general public to utilize rather than all individually programming their own computers to perform functions.

  • March 2003

    Internet Arrives in Our Home

    With my daughters in junior high and high school, we were thankful to see cable internet come to our farm just outside of town. Dial-up internet that only gave about half the declared speed for the previous few years was extremely frustrating and useless. Computer function had changed drastically since my school days, but I was quickly with the assistance of my girls.

  • March 2003-June 2013

    Small Family Farm Business

    Here the internet was so key to sales beyond our very rural locality to encompassing the entire country. From sales of Scottish Highland cattle and Shetland and Icelandic sheep themselves to their numerous products, as well as sales of these garden produce directly at the farm and the local farmers market.

  • December 2006-March 2017

    CNA Training

    Heart and Hands Training was originally Certified Nursing Assistant and also Shetland/Icelandic fiber arts classes, but CNA training eventually trumped all. Being the first, and essentially only successful independent online (theory) CNA training program for the duration of its MT-approved existence, students came from all across MT and from other states to finish the course with lab/clinical training and MT-certification testing. Going online was an absolute sucessful survival tactic to compete with the local community college.

  • February 2010-February 2011

    Serenity Care Assisted Living

    The internet again was key to rescuing this facility. From advertising beyond to providing employee education, health care communications and record-keeping, managing finances, and ordering of facilitiy supplies all online. All these things saved time and money along with making the facility known as a great place for residents to live and employees to work!

  • June 2018-Present

    Web Development and Networking

    Anything like this website or any example I post here can be done, and I can and need to be pushed beyond a bit because I am good at filling in knowledge gaps to do thing new to me. I am good with html, css, and javascript. I am less experienced with the back-end at the present time, but I will continue evolving and developing confidence there, too. I have experience using PayPal for selling via my past websites. Development of an application for recording information, like I did with my Assisted Living Facility using Google Docs/Forms, is a current goal. Another goal is being Cisco CCNA-Security certified by 2019.

Who Am I?

Full-Stack Web Developer & Networking Engineer In-Training. Past Self-employed CNA/AHA Instructor, Assisted Living Administrator & Shepherd/Fiber Arts Enthusiast

Dawn Ann Beattie, RN, MBA

Dawn Ann Beattie, RN, MBA