Please bare with me as I gradually progress into Full-Stack Web Development.

I have dabbled in computer and web work sporadically for many years to meet business needs, but it is now my mission to make it a professional endeavor. Having managed my own dedicated IP, I used numerous web tools over 12+ years due to changing business needs and web evolution. Being simultaneously competitive in small-scale CNA training, assisted living and farming required various online applications, including: class teaching, data collection, record-keeping, communication, sales, and advertising. I desire more control of my web-development and hope to make web applications for all the aforementioned uses. No- or low-cost security," has dictated what web tools I used in the past, but, with my advances in web-development, I now have more options in advantageously utilizing to the benefit of myself and my clients, as well.

For a short time, I will offer free web services as part of my continuing web education. This would initially include mostly front-end, mobile-friendly websites developed with: Boot-Strap(my new preferred front-end tool), Keep and Share's fantastic calendar, Google sites and/or Blogger (having used the full Google Suite for years), Site-Spinner(the only site-builder software tool, of several, I have used a lot over the past 12++ years, adding some of my own javascript), Wordpress or Github with Jekyll (which is still new to me). More to come...

Stand by as I create, improve and update my web presence and projects. Please, let me know, or inquire, if you have a project for me. Thank you!