Yes, the online portion of my CNA theory and skills is still available.

Having managed my own dedicated IP, I used numerous web tools over 11+ years due to changing CNA training and assisted living facility needs and general internet evolution. The CNA preparation still includes online theory preparation along with skills audio/visual and interactive learning tools. It also displays and utilizes my own online CNA charting and communication sytem (using secure Google and KeepAndShare applications) for my assisted living facility CNAs, which I still maintain. I will continue updating the CNA educational resourcdes and materials, and I would like to create my own web applications for the exams, data collection, recording and organizing (ie discontinue using other online applications for those purposes).

I loved providing State CNA training, and I still remotely, but actively, provide assistance to aspiring and ambitious CNA certification candidates, though I no longer operate a physical lab/clinical site/facility.

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